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Battles and Banter: A Relaxed Military History Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

On another solo episode of Battles & Banter, Avery dives into the brief but significant battle around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang that took place between the diminished forces of the Korean People's Army and the recently victorious United Nations forces that made up the U.S. Eighth Army. Between October 17-19, the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division and ROK 1st Infantry Division pushed into and conquered the North Korean capital, with many soldiers believing it meant the end of the war. Then between Oct. 20-22, a U.S. airborne operation took place to try to cut the North Koreans off from retreat, and resulted in a heated battle around the village of Yongyu between North Korean and Australian soldiers in an apple orchard. These U.N. victories would be the last bit of good news that Gen. MacArthur and his commanders received before the game changed again. Enjoy!