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Battles and Banter: A Relaxed Military History Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

On another solo episode of Battles & Banter, Avery continues the story that followed Task Force Smith's stand at Osan, the first battle between American & North Korean forces in the Korean War. Avery charts the fights that followed and what inevitably led to the last stand of the U.S. 24th Infantry Division at the city of Taejon (modern day Daejeon), located 100 miles south of Seoul and 124 miles northwest of Pusan (modern day Busan). The Korean War is currently in it's 70th Commemoration and Avery wants to cover as much as possible to help bring attention and awareness to one of the most overlooked and bats**t crazy military conflicts in U.S. history. This episode is released as the Battle of Taejon began 70 years ago today. Enjoy!