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Battles and Banter: A Relaxed Military History Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

Here we are at the 50th Episode, everyone! Halfway to 100 episodes and still going strong! Until then, this one is all about Veteran's Day. Avery, Codie & Tony are joined by numerous guest hosts from past episodes: Mary Challman, Patrick McGuire, Julia Wall, Jeff Martin, Ryan Quint, Rebekah Oakes Ryer, Justin Voithofer and Kaleb Kusmierczyk to not only celebrate the podcast, but veterans as well. For this episode, everyone has assembled stories of many different veterans from many different military conflicts. Some are family members while others are not. It's an episode jammed with incredible stories on more of a serious note to pay our respects to those who served. Thank you for your service, veterans. Enjoy!