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Battles and Banter: A Relaxed Military History Podcast

Aug 23, 2019

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the first official Battles & Banter Podcast Special! The episode will be the audio of a lecture given by B&B's very own Codie Eash titled 'The Old Keystone State Speaks Today': Gettysburg's Pennsylvania Veterans Reunion of 1889. Listen as Codie discusses what those PA veterans present at the reunion said and did 26 years after the costly Battle of Gettysburg, as emotional memories flowed through speeches about combat, death, union, treason, slavery and emancipation. Along the vein of the 'Lost Cause' episode, Codie's lecture touches on the 'Battle of Civil War Memory', and how it was an ongoing conflict in the years following the war. This will hopefully be the first of many specials that will be interspersed between the regular formatted episodes! Enjoy!