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Battles and Banter: A Relaxed Military History Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

**SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War & Endgame ahead**

Avery abandons Codie & Tony for more nerdy content and takes on the next Fictional Battle episode with his good friend and fellow MARVEL/STAR WARS geek, Jeff Martin. On this episode, the guys cover the Battles of Titan & Wakanda, as seen in the movie "Avengers: Infinity War". Avery was emotionally scarred the first time he saw that movie in May 2018, and is still recovering from "Avengers: Endgame" this year, so Jeff offered to come on the show and help talk Avery through their experiences. Hence, the two friends sit down, discuss the battles that took place in Infinity War, what their favorite moments were, what their MARVEL 'All-Star Team Up' looks like, and how all this nerdy banter relates to real-life military situations. Strap in for a good time!